Clove - The Store
Clove - The Store
Clove - The Store
Clove - The Store
Clove - The Store
Colve The Store
To meander into Colaba's bylanes is to uncover Bombay's charming historic heart. Nestled in the old Art Deco quarter is our quaint retail destination, a novel character in the neighbourhood's renaissance. Arched doorways reveal a transporting space, a trove for objects that lend perspective to everyday luxury. Dwell in its romance, stay a while. Welcome to Clove.

Imagined as a home, Clove offers owner Samyukta Nair's favourites across fashion, design and craft from India. Classic and eclectic, it appeals to a diverse set - the local, the gifter, the traveler, the collector - housing a whimsical yet purposeful edit. Discover our homegrown selection, for anytime and anywhere.

Clove connects Samyukta Nair's upbringing in hospitality with her two loves: design and India. Based in Bombay and London, Nair is a dreamer and optimist working instinctually to create distinctive experiences, with entrepreneurial pursuits including restaurants, hotels and a playful sleepwear label.

Clove offers her view on Indian design - one filled with pride for its talent, in a space to call home.

2, Churchill Chambers,
Allana Road (Touch Of Joy Lane),
Colaba, Mumbai - 400001
Phone: 8291312522 /022-22021470